Family & Business Life Assurance

Life Assurance is designed to offer financial security to your family and/or business partners in the event of death. In most cases if you are organising a homeloan, the lender will insist that you take out a life policy so that the mortgage is repaid on death – this is very important as it secures your home for the family.

Life Assurance is also extremely useful to cover:

  • Investment properties which are mortgaged
  • Lump sum requirements for relatives to replace your income
  • Protection against inheritance tax liabilities
  • Financial security to buy out beneficiaries who inherit a share of your business

Kintyre Financial is familiar with all the providers in the Irish marketplace and will work to ensure that any cover put in place is done in a way that is appropriate, cost-effective and tax efficient.

You may also be in a position to reduce the cost of your life assurance so it is worthwhile reviewing policies from time to time.

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